About us

"Chemal" Adam Zaba, is a Polish company which has been active on market for 20 years.

The company was founded in 2004 and dynamically developed and reclaimed itself as one of the best producers of galvanic racks on domestic and overseas markets.

We produce galvanic racks, equipment for coating metal parts and also ABS.

For manufacturing our galvanic racks we apply materials like copper, brass, black steel, acid-resisting stainless steel, aluminum, titanium. Racks are protected by special high-quality German coating.

Chemal - Manufacturer of Galvanic racks

There is a staff of designers in "Chemal" company who design and construct galvanic racks on the basis of our knowledge and experience, as well as experience of our customers. "Chemal" also has a product department, whose employees produce racks for professional projects with love and passion.

Guided with love and loyalty to our work, we focus on dynamic progress. We constantly improve and update our equipment during 20 years of our company’s history.

We invite you for cooperation!

Chemal - Manufacturer of Galvanic racks

The whole process of manufacturing is documented and regulated by the certificate of international standard ISO 9001: 2015, n. NC-2425. This certificate was given by Polish Register of Shipping.

To meet requirement of a modern market, we have invented and implemented a new innovative line for the production of galvanic racks. This new concept obtained a patent (pat. №227810) at the Patent office of the Republic of Poland in 2017.